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blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to all forms of leases, titles, and legal documentation involved with property interests. Whether a straight forward lease agreement or complicated legal documentation, here is help to understand what you're trying to achieve and then practically how to easily do this.


How to Allow Other Uses in Commercial Property Long Leases Through the law of Property Act 1925

commercial property leases user chnage property management guideThis is a hidden-gem of legislation that can help unlock value in commercial property that are held on long leasehold interests – getting very technical on the legal side, but worth it if you’re in this situation.

This has recently come to light in a legal case called Shaviram Normandy Limited v Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council [2019] UKUT 256 which has a good legal explanation here.

In short, this covers a situation where the “owner” of a commercial property holds it through a long lease rather than freehold, like when your “own” flats in a block. This lease may well restrict what you can use it for, and in this day and age of needing to look at alternative value-driven ways this can therefore cause you a problem with proposed...

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The Land Registry Title Basics for Property Management

land registry titles property management guideThis is when the eyes of property managers can glaze over in confusion, when they need to wade through land registry titles to understand how a property is legally owned or let.

Often it’s a case of jumping to the pretty-picture of the plan at the back to see what’s included, or maybe the owner’s name of the property at the top. But it’s when you talk about rights of this, that, and the other when you need legal help.

Seven Land Registry Basics

That’s certainly true that solicitors and legal input can help truly get to the bottom of things, however having a basic knowledge of property titles does still help.

This can help narrow-down issues straight away, or even when solicitors are in the midst of searches you can help come up with...

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Some Creative (& Advanced) ‘Property-to-Property’ Agreements

property agreements property management guideSometimes you come across some issues between different landowners that need some careful legal documentation to get things all clearly laid out.

This is not for the faint-hearted, and requires advanced legal-help and some out-the-box thinking.

Therefore unfortunately as you try and sift through the issues to see what needs doing, you can easily get too bogged down with standard property management ways that just won’t cut the mustard here.

So the regular use of, say, leases and licences often just won’t suffice, as you’re not in a landlord-tenant situation, and one party is not necessarily actually using the other land to benefit from this.

A Clearer Example

So let’s take an example property where there is a row of offices in a terrace...

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