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The 6 Simple Steps of Property Management

6 stages property managementBeginning to manage a property is far more than just receiving rent off a tenant and calling a contractor out when the building needs repair.

For those that think it’s this simple, they’re in for a terrible shock. This may take time to happen, but at some point it will.

In reality there are lots of different aspects to be looking at, all at different stages, and with different kinds of people being involved in this process.

So getting these all together is more complicated, however the basic steps to doing this are actually simpler.

Get these right, and the rest will follow. Which in actual fact is the whole gist of our Property Management Guide book; to have an overview to then delve in and out for issues as they arise.

The 6 Simple...

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Top Tips For Using a Digital App With Property Inspections

digital app site audit pro property management guideThese are the signs of the times; everything getting more digital and online, even in the property worlds. Whether that’s online file storage, swanky software and database systems, or flashy apps and things to help process tasks easier and quicker.

Recording a property inspection is a prime candidate for this, and being able to somehow store the endless photos and comments that you come across is a good benefit of the advancement in technology.

Property inspection be for a whole host of reasons, for example an inventory or schedule of condition for a new tenant, a health & safety inspection, or just a general property management viewing.

People will already be tending to use mobile and tablet devices anyway, for example taking photos...

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Spring Preperations For Properties

spring season tips property management guideAs you embark upon the spring season, with clocks being changed, lighter evenings, and warmer temperatures (hopefully), make sure your property interest is good-to-go for the season-change as well.

With properties of course being real-life assets experiencing the weather elements and changes, they're also accommodating people and procedures which also tend to see changes this time of year as well.

Therefore, no matter what interest you have in the property, whether as an owner landlord with direct responsibilities, an occupier tenant with operational issues, or a third-party managing agent with budgets and services to shape-up, these following four factors to consider in this spring season of change are oh so important.

1. The Classic...

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