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The 5 P's to Ending Pet Problems at Properties

pets property management guideA cute little doggy might be the pride and joy of one occupier at a property, but a cause of endless frustration for other occupiers and interests.

And if you haven’t come across these sort of problems yet in property management, then brace yourself for when you do, for they can get personal and emotionally-charged.

Ideally, of course, this is all proactive, with everyone knowing what pets and animals are allowed to reside and visit properties, whether it's a regular dog, a series of cats all over the development, or some unusual species of snakes hidden in someone's home. However, the reality is that these things often crop up when you don't expect them to, and therefore you really need to nip them in the bud and deal with them early...

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A Property’s Most Important Front-Facing Document - the Management Contact Sheet

contact sheet property management guideThey’re so simple, yet so effective; a sheet stating who manages the property and who to contact.

After all, unless you’re really in the know about the management of the property, you’ll probably not realise. And even obvious contacts such as a regular contractor or concierge won’t necessarily know the whole picture.

The correct way to outline this is to refer to within all kinds of correspondence, notices, building guides, and general communication. However probably the most common form is simply a sign on site to say so.

The Different Formats

Such on-site signage can dramatically vary. It may be just a metal name-plate with a management company name and number on, or it could be a series of documents and posters dotted around an...

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5 Must-Know Property-Management Issues For New-Build Properties

new build property property management guideWhen you’re dealing with brand spanking new properties, you can unfortunately look at things through rose-tinted glasses.

Gleaned with images of what it should look like in the brochure, and the dreams of how you’ll be involved using or earning from this new property, can cause a rough-ride when reality doesn’t meet these expectations.

To make matters worse, not only can it be hard to live up to such high-expectations anyway when it comes to a real-life asset, but if the quality of such construction is not to-par anyway then it can worsen things even more.

And although this is most pertinent with completely new developments, you can still suffer similar issues with any major refurbishment and redevelopment of any existing properties....

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