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What is Property Management?

Here is the transcript of this short training video on explaining what property management is through 4 perspectives, with a PDF document of these slides available here at Issuu:

Here is a quick video explaining what is property management. This will help you understand better this often confusing role within property so you know what you’re trying to achieve and who’s involved with it.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines property management as “the management of land and buildings as a business, including keeping buildings in good condition and renting property”.

It’s basically the overall control and almost administration of lots of details that will enable you to reach your end property goals. So as an example, if you’re a landlord...

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9 Little Tricks to Receiving Your Post and Mail at a Property

9 post mail tricks property management guideReceiving your post and mail at a property should be a straightforward exercise; simply have a letter box for the postman to send items through. In a world of more multi-let scenarios though, such as communal apartments or office blocks, and with additional deliveries at all times of the day, it can become more complicated in reality. And when it doesn’t work out, you know about it, and there can be a mad rush to come up with a quick-fix solution.

So from a property management perspective, here are nine little tricks to help you out. In no particular order, preference, or type; just handy tips that have been picked up over the years and which can hopefully help you receive all your mail quickly and easily.

1. Have a Spare Key For Any...

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The Best 10 Property Management Glossary Terms

We have just finished the glossary of terms for the new Property Management Guide book, which is a helpful list of the sorts of phrases and references you come across in the world of property management.

Some of these are more obvious than others, plus some are a little more helpful, too. I have therefore just noted my personal top-ten favourite ones below in italics. These are chosen a little at face value, and be aware of what immediately comes to mind as particularly good or unusual ones; or maybe the sorts of terms that have more meaning than you first think.

1. Adverse Possession

The right of people occupying property to eventually take ownership of it. This sounds too good to be true, but if you occupy land and property long...

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