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5 Ways That a New Property Address Can Go Pear Shaped

address changes property management guideWhen you purchase a new property, you can come across the issue of confusing addresses.

This is particularly so with larger new-build estates, and with residential more so than commercial. It often boils down to the different way that the original developer technically described the land and plots, against what the actual postal address then ends up being.

You can then end up with a real mish-mash of different variations of the address, which although tend to improve over time as people and databases slowly change, can still cause issues many years or even decades later. In the meantime there are all kinds of problems with people getting lost, satnavs giving false locations, and deliveries turning up somewhere else.

An Example...

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Property Management is Like Spinning Lots of Plates

spinning plates property management guideHere is another analogy for what property management is like, which I often end up referring to, in addition to the analogy of purchasing a new or rental car.

It’s a wonderful trick to see, when someone can have so many plates nicely spinning around on sticks, and then pulling off a lot of other tricks with them. It looks so easy, almost natural, yet behind the scenes there is a well-tuned skill-set under way in order to effortlessly provide this spectacular display. In particular, there are five different aspects to this that we can compare to property management:

1. There’s Lots on The Go

We’re talking many, many, plates all spinning at the same time, not just one after the other, but also simultaneously. You need to have every plate...

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10 Top Tips For Using Cameras on Mobile Phones With Properties

mobile phone camera tricks property management guideThe provision of a camera in a mobile phone nowadays has revolutionised how you can effectively take photos of properties. In the old days it was a large camera with film that you needed to take to be developed, and then there were digital cameras which helped speed the image-processing part along although still meant yet another device to carry with you.
These digital cameras are still useful for detailed property inspections, however the camera facility on most mobile phones is often more than adequate in most cases, particularly with the quality of the images getting better and the size of the phones reducing.
So here are ten top tips to make the most of these, the first five being more to do with the actual types of...

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