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Getting to Grips With Car Parking Arrangements at Properties

car park tips property management guideBeing able to park cars at a property is becoming an increasingly important factor for all kinds of properties. For commercial business premises there is always a need for more staff and client parking, with leisure and social properties having to cope with the sudden influx of people visiting, and for residential, with numerous cars now associated with each household.

Ideally these are already part-and-parcel of a property’s design, but even with newer-build ones where they already accounted for they are often only to the bare minimum requirements in order to pass consents like planning permission and building regulations, whereas the reality of actual use afterwards can be a different kettle of fish.

Therefore frustrations can emerge...

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7 Top Property Management Tips for the End of the Summer 

end summer tips property management guideCome the start of September and the summer seems to have come to an official end. The weather starts to turn and the nights pull in, we've had the last bank holiday Monday until Christmas now, and school holidays have now ended. It seems that everyone is now beginning the autumn period, and dare we say it, the eventual run up to Christmas. 

Now, although managing property is a continuous process all the year round, and to some degree work can average out and be only more demanding when situations crop up at anytime, there are certain things that you can begin to prepare for as you come out of the summer period. As you exercise some good property management skills and be pro-active, you can therefore be one step ahead of everyone as...

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Help, I’m Completely New to Property Management! Don’t Panic, Here’s 5 Top-Tips to Easily Get You Going

new novice property managementIf you are new to the property management game, please don’t be daunted by the whole thing. It may appear confusing at first, trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing at the property and then how to deal with any rents and costs, but like with anything, once you know the basics you can be soon on the track to easily managing. 
This is actually why the Property Management Guide book was written, to help de-mystify the whole process and help everyone be able to effectively manage properties themselves. 
Admittedly, there is a certain skill-set and perspective on things that isn’t for everyone, but even if it isn’t your forte then it’s handy to still know some of the basic property management tricks...

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