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Practical Ways to Collect Long Leasehold Residential Property Arrears

residential property arrears property management guideFor those involved in collecting monies from long leasehold residential tenants, you’ll appreciate the often endless task of getting everyone to pay up. If you’re a managing agent, freeholder, or management company of a large block of flats for exmple, this can soon accumulate to significant monies that then cause cash flow issues.

There is already a lot of legal information available on how to peruse these, including with shorter-term AST tenants, whereas from a property management perspective you often need a bit of thinking outside the box, common sense, and cost-effective ways to get the dosh in.

Therefore here are some general pointers to help you out, whether that’s a ground rent, service charge, or other one-off recharge. They’re...

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The Basic Steps for New Property Management Instructions

property management instructions property management guideProperty management is made up of, in one situation, those owners or occupiers themselves directly managing property interests, whilst in other scenarios instructing someone external.

Often this other-person is a managing agent whose role is to literally manage properties, and may do exclusively or as part of other property services such as sales and lettings. In some scenarios, it might be other related parties and interests.

Whoever this external help is, they of course need to be correctly vetted and experienced in order to do a proper job. To deal with all matters from repairs to rents all safely and competently, and all for the right price and service.

Therefore, assuming this is the case, and the property owner or occupier is...

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Taking Stock of Planning Permission for Properties

planning permission pointers property management guideEveryone will of course have come across the need to ‘get planning permission’ for properties at some point, whether you’re looking to make changes or you’re needing to dig around and find out what already exists for a sale to go through. It can appear like an unachievable goal yet something that you’re at the beck and call of the local authority to provide.
It also has a habit of cropping up just where you don’t expect it. Not only for those big extensions, but the subtle change of uses, or smaller signage upgrades.
And when it does appear, what a daunting experience it can seem. With endless hours imagined speaking with planners, submitting plans, and then waiting to see whether it’s a yes or no.
It’s therefore important...

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