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What Information is Needed with a New Property Management Instruction

property management instruction property management guideFor those involved with taking on new property-management jobs, it can be a long-winded process of taking over things. After all, there’s an array of issues and information to become familiar with, rather than just doing a quick letting or sales deal.

Therefore as you embark on this journey it’s important to know just what you need to get going with. We’ve therefore summarized 7 key pieces of information that you need to get the ball rolling, with further detail and issues emerging later down the line.

This is bread-and-butter stuff for a property managing agent who is taking on a new job direct from a client or through a former managing agent, but of course an owner or management company can be involved with this themselves.

This might be...

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Tell Your Landlord an Address Change to Save Hassle & Costs

address change landlord property management guideWhen you're a tenant it can feel as if your landlord always has the upper hand, and is always wanting more from you - rent, extra costs, and toeing the line with the property.

This might be concerning a usual landlord for a short term lease, but also longer ones where you technically own the property but you still have an ultimate landlord, freeholder, or management company.

Subconsciously you can therefore pass all the responsibility to the landlord, particularly when it comes to them chasing you for payment. After all it's for their benefit and you shouldn't have to do their job for them.

Alas, reality can be different. Although legislation does help protect tenants and leaseholders generally, when it comes to basic principles within...

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Top Tips for Successful Occupiers & Tenants Meetings

occupier tenants meeting property management guideWhen you're dealing with multi-let properties you will have a variety of different occupiers all trying to get along with each other in the same building. Whether that's an apartment block or serviced offices, it can be difficult to not only keep everyone in the loop but also to try and encourage everyone to get along with each other.

For those managing these types of properties you'll know what this means – the niggly problems that annoy each other, and trying to be the middle man to resolve these.

Holding a form of meeting where everyone attends can therefore be a great tool to get things on the right track. Not only to formally communicate things, but also to just get people chatting through little day-to-day issues like outside...

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