Here is the transcript of this short training video on explaining what the management of property is, with a PDF document of these slides available here at Issuu:

Here’s a quick video explaining what the management of property is. This will help you understand better this often confusing role within property so you know what you’re trying to achieve and who’s involved with it.

The most important factor is to understand what the end goal of your own particular property interest. So if you own a property it might be to make sure your tenants pay rent to provide a good return on your property investment, or as a tenant to make sure you use the building just how you want to, at the lowest possible cost.

The way you then manage your property, and therefore how the management of property works out, is simply the process you go through to reach these end goals.

In reality, this therefore works out as the overall control and almost administration of lots of detail that will enable you to reach these goals, and more commonly known as property management. This can be carried out yourself or separate property manager who then manage property and make sure that the property is maintained and services are carried out OK, and that any tenants are looked after and paying rent.

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