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blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the services and compliance at a property. These range from say your fire and health and safety compliance, through to services like cleaning and utilitities. These resources help provide an overview of each area without getting too technical, so you can plan it all in at the right time and best cost.


The 10 Basic Fire Alarm Points for Any Property Manager

fire alarm property management guideMaking sure a fire alarm is working okay at a property is bread-and-butter works needed by anyone managing properties. That’s in cases where they exist within properties of course, as not all properties have them.

But where they do, the immediate thing that will spring to mind is to use a good fire alarm company to do what they need to do to service and repair this.

In reality though there can be more to it, with the buck stopping with the person responsible for this, whether an ultimate landlord owner for shared areas, a property manager through their appointment, or tenant for their own area.

The king-pin that determines what you really need is a Fire Risk Assessment by a responsible person, who will assess what technical fire-alarm...

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The Quick Fire-Door Safety Checklist

fire door checklist property management guideFire doors are a hidden saviour that often can be forgotten. They’re designed to make sure a doorway is well and truly sealed from smoke and fire passing it through it for at least 30 minutes, and yet at the same time still look and open as a usual doorway.
This is essential to stop fire and smoke spreading throughout a property and causing damage to both the building and people. Containing any incident just within one area can save serious harm and damage, and therefore is an important part of any assessment of fire risks and a big issue for parties like insurers with a liability.
In addition to there being any main entrance and exit doors at a property, fire doors can be littered throughout the property into separate...

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The ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ of Water Issues With Properties

water issues property management guideThe supply and use of water at a property is key, something we all take for granted unfortunately. If you’re dealing with a property in, say, a developing country, then any form of safe water supply could be a complete luxury, never mind having to worry about issues such as how to correctly treat and remove afterwards.
We get used to simply turning taps on, and for example, having heaters and hoses feed from it. The water board supply it, and the property user simply uses it when they need to. Until you come across problems you probably don’t deal with issues, whether it be the supply stopped, or serious health concerns emerging, or whether these are horrible smells or risks of legionella.
However without getting to...

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