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blog yellow circle pmgHere are a range of blog resources that we've placed into 10 categories to help focus on the type of property-management help you need - Condition & Repairs, Rent Monies, Non-Rent Monies, Insurance, People Interests, Sales & Lettings, Leases & Titles, Taxes, Services & Compliance, and General.

How to Deal With Travellers and Gypsies at Your Property and Land

travellers and gypsies property management guideImagine a scenario where Travellers occupy a site and therefore you need to take quick and effective action for them to vacate.

If this is say an office park, the resulting disturbance and issues can includ reduced parking, litter, damaged bin stores, verbal language, and an impact on businesses for the time they were there, including staff needing to actually leave the properties.

Understandably, this is a problem for any property owner or occupier, and often suddenly occurs with you needing to look at options really quickly.

Therefore, here are five main issues you would need to consider in the midst of similar issues or to think about as a pro-active, preventative measure.

These are neither exhaustive nor in-depth, but rather an...

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3% Extra SDLT Stamp-Duty Charge On Residential Investment Transactions

sdlt 3 residenrial stamp duty property management guideNo it isn’t an April Fool’s hoax, another 3% cost will be incurred from the 1st April 2016 on any residential property transaction which is not for their main home.

The idea is to raise additional tax-revenue in an area of housing that the government wants to discourage - investors purchasing properties to then rent out. The government’s main aim is for people to buy homes which they, themselves, will live in.

Practically, this measure is through an additional percentage on the Stamp Duty Land tax for related property transactions, across the whole board of prices including those under £125,000 which currently have no charge.

So, a £125,000 purchase will cost an additional £3750, and a £300,000 one an additional £9,000; serious figures...

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Service Charge Budgets Explained For Tenants

service charge budget property management guideThe popular service charge budget can be more confusing than you think. It’s often the main piece of information that a tenant receives regarding the service charge from the landlord, and therefore understandably taken at face value. As it says on the tin, this is just a budget and not the final costs.

This is probably best explained with a common example of your own monthly finances towards, say, eating and food.

So, if you’re going through your finances and budgeting for what you can spend every month, you might put £400 aside for this, and then break it down to perhaps £200 a month on your regular weekly main-supermarket shop, and then £120 a month for the smaller bits and bobs you tend to buy in the week from your local convenience...

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Rent Monies

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the rent that is paid at properties, whether you're a landlord receiving, tenant paying, or middle-man managing. Right through from how to correctly charge and collect to how it needs to change over time, this is often the most important factor to managing let properties, and includes simular variations such as licence fees. 


Non-Rent Monies

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to non-rent monies and payments, for example service charges, fees, and other costs and charges. These can be directly charged or hidden away, and are important to know what you may have to pay or might be able to charge another property interest for.



blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the insurance of properties, ranging from the main building cover to ancillary ones like contents. Whether it's the premium to pay or the policy to correctly arrange, these help explain what's needed from the perspective of different property interests.


People Interests

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to all the different property interests, from landlords & tenants, to investors & occupiers, to all other third-party interests. These cover general factors to consider for a particular interest, to more detailed issues to resolve for a particular course of action.


Sales & Lettings

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the sales & lettings of a property, and all related transactions. Whether you're involved in these directly yourself, or you're working with other sales/letting agents and interests, these help highlight important property managemnet factors to consider.


Leases & Titles

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to all forms of leases, titles, and legal documentation involved with property interests. Whether a straight forward lease agreement or complicated legal documentation, here is help to understand what you're trying to achieve and then practically how to easily do this.



blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to all the taxes involved with property interests, from VAT and SDLT, to income and capital gains, to rates and council tax. These will help you work alongside other accounting and tax advisors to make sure you cover all bases to reduce your overall tax liabilities.


Services & Compliance

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the services and compliance at a property. These range from say your fire and health and safety compliance, through to services like cleaning and utilitities. These resources help provide an overview of each area without getting too technical, so you can plan it all in at the right time and best cost.



blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to any other general subjects involved with properties and their interests. So whether it's the basics of property management, or more specific property issues and queries that don't naturally fall in the other categories, you'll find them all here.


Condition & Repairs

blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the condition of a property and any repairs and alterations required, with sub categories of Condition and Repairs. Whether it's a reactive roof repair, pro-active maintenance plan, or carefully-chosen contractor - these help explain how to effectively keep properties in the right condition.