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New Years Resolutions For Your Property

new years resolutions property management guideAs we head into another year, this is an ideal time to take stock of things and come up with some New Years Resolutions. 
These promises for the year can help as a focus and goal for what you want to achieve, and although of course they work best for individuals and their personal goals, there’s no reason why you can’t in actual fact use then for your property interest, after all it’s probably a large part of your life and costs.

Four Example New Year Resolutions 

So along these lines, here are ideas for property New Years resolutions, some more serious than others, some more applicable for your own property interest:

1. Make Sure You Learn This Year’s Winter Lessons For Next Winter 

In the business of property...

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How to Manage a Property Portfolio

how to manage a property portfolioWhen you have multiple property interests, there are more factors to consider than if you just have the one property interest. You're in the realms of other factors unique to yourself and the properties that can start working collectively for the greater good, whether that's, say, greater returns as a property investor, or reduced costs from an occupier with several occupied buildings.

This is important for all stages of your property portfolio, whether that's right at the start as you begin building your first portfolio of properties, or when you're further down the line and wanting to build your portfolio to the next level.

It's important to realise that the management of properties is actually a dynamic thing, not a static one, in...

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What is Property Asset Management (versus Property Management)?

asset management property management guideAsset Management is really a form of property management but coming at it from a slightly different angle. Where property management focuses on the nuts and bolts of effectively running properties day to day, asset management focuses on adding value to the property as a form of investment.

checklist small property management guideBefore we go into what this actually means, you can click here to immediately download a Fact Sheet about Porperty Asset Management is all about.

Not that normal property management doesn’t have this end goal of increased values and reduced costs in mind anyway, but asset management goes a step further to make it the absolute goal and from it think more bigger-picture into issues that can extract that extra value within that property interest.


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