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The Right Path for Block Residential Property Management

residential block management property management guideWhen managing residential properties you often think of two scenarios. Firstly, where a single house is let out, often on a short-term AST agreement by maybe the property owner landlord direct.
The second is a larger blocks of flats with multiple dwellings which then involve various communal areas like a staircase or external garden, over-and-beyond the issues directly relating to each tenant. Typically these are ‘sold off’ on long leasehold interests, although you can have just multiple shorter-term residents paying a rent and which has developed into a new PRS (Private Rented Sector) market.
It’s this second scenario where property management skills are truly needed, not only to wade through all the obligations and legalities...

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How to Spice-Up Your Signage at Properties

signage property management guideSignage can be an important part of a property, after all you may have the best-condition property in town, but if no one knows how to find it then it’s meaningless.

Whether it’s an owner advertising space to sell or let, or an occupier keen to have business advertising – it can place the property right on the map.

This actually encompasses a huge range of different types of signage, from small and straight-forward, to larger-than-life permanent fixtures. Likewise there can be a wide range of issues to be aware, both property-specific but also more marketing pointers to make the most of things.

Here are a few angles to consider in whatever situation you’re in. Not exhaustive, but certainly covering most of the basics to begin making the...

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Practical Ways to Collect Long Leasehold Residential Property Arrears

residential property arrears property management guideFor those involved in collecting monies from long leasehold residential tenants, you’ll appreciate the often endless task of getting everyone to pay up. If you’re a managing agent, freeholder, or management company of a large block of flats for exmple, this can soon accumulate to significant monies that then cause cash flow issues.

There is already a lot of legal information available on how to peruse these, including with shorter-term AST tenants, whereas from a property management perspective you often need a bit of thinking outside the box, common sense, and cost-effective ways to get the dosh in.

Therefore here are some general pointers to help you out, whether that’s a ground rent, service charge, or other one-off recharge. They’re...

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