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blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the condition of a property and any repairs and alterations required, with sub categories of Condition and Repairs. Whether it's a reactive roof repair, pro-active maintenance plan, or carefully-chosen contractor - these help explain how to effectively keep properties in the right condition.


4 Critical Property Issues After Snow Fall and Ice

snow ice tips property management guideWe’ve just had an unexpected burst of snow and ice with freezing temperatures throughout March (and the 'beat from the east' even suggesting a white Easter), which of course cause all kinds of issues and disturbances to everyday life.

Part-and-parcel of these is damage to the actual buildings and pieces of land. Some of these pop up during these cold spells, although some only appear afterwards as an aftermath.

For someone involved with property management these are critical to spot early on and nip in the bud. In actual fact, the sooner the better in order to make sure they don’t make matters worse.

Therefore here are four classic issues that can arise in the property and land either after or during serious snow and ice. As soon as you...

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The 3 Condition-Factors That Every Business Tenant Needs to Know Before Signing a Lease

commercial condition factors property management guideFor a new business taking a lease of a property, whether it’s a retail shop to trade, an industrial workshop to manufacture things, or an office to provide a service – the excitement can unfortunately mean important details are missed. Although critical issues like when the rent is paid and how long the lease is taken for are top of the list, these shouldn’t be at the detriment of others.

And typically this is to do with the actual condition of the property. Although it may look in generally good condition, with a simple lick of paint being needed, and it may be left clean and tidy from the previous occupier, there can be a whole host of problems brewing away. And to make it even worse, with commercial property the buck and liability...

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Oh Flip, How Do You Deal With Cracked Broken Glass and Windows?

cracked broken glass property management guideWhen you're facing a sudden crack in the glass of your property window, the first thing is to not panic. It probably looks worse than it is, and before you launch into quickly passing the buck it's important to consider all the angles.

Some good property management skills therefore can come to the rescue, and help you sift through the circumstances to not only quickly repair but then confirm who picks up the tab for this.

Therefore here are 4 key stages to first consider:

1. The Cause

So first diagnose what has caused this sudden crack to occur, which will be a combination of considering the actual damage and crack and then the circumstances surrounding.

You might feel like a bit of a detective getting to the bottom of the 'crime'...

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