FREE Property Management Pack

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1. Free Introduction & Chapter – straight from the Property Management Guide book, this will not only provide an overview of the whole property management process through the book’s introduction, but also a flavour of one of the fifty-three core principles, with special application for landlords, property investors and tenants.

2. ALL Downloads - any form of free downloads on the Property Management Guide website easily available in one place, whether checklists, templates, or agreements. 

3. Property Deal Cheat Sheet – a quick tick-list of the main property management issues you need to consider with any property deal, whether that’s purchasing a new property to use or as an investment, or taking or granting a lease. Deliberately designed not to bog you down with details as your focus needs to be on the wider property deal, these cut right to the chase and remind you of what’s really important to enhance your property returns and cut your costs.

PLUS - Here is a Video With a Fuller Explanation of These 15 Factors:

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FREE Property Management Pack

Immediate download of our ‘Property Management Pack’ of goodies, the focus being our Property Cheat Sheet with 15 factors to shape any property deal, and the Introduction and Chapter of our book, the Property Management Guide available on Amazon.